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Friday Harbor Food Bank

Island Air

Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center

Rotary Club of San Juan Island

San Juan County Health Services Department

San Juan Island Farmers Market

San Juan Island Food Co-op

San Juan Island School District

       WHO is Nourish to Flourish?
A group of concerned community leaders
started meeting in April 2018 to understand
the hunger issue on San Juan Island where: 
      39% of children are on free or reduced school lunches     
      68% of low-resource individuals said they skipped         
               meals and 14% said they had gone hungry
 And where fruits and vegetables are:
      40% higher compared to U.S. National averages
These concerned citizens continue to meet with community leaders from the County Health Department, the school district, Food Bank, Food CO-OP and Farmer's Market to develop initiatives to end hunger on San Juan Island. There are no administrative fees and every donation (through the Family Resource Center) is 100% for food purchases, resources, information, and education.  
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